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BitSend - About us
BitSend is a developer of CATV Head End and Broadcast equipment's with focus on Software Designs, most staff has been in this business since the analogue 80's.
Some years ago we asked ourselves "why most old traditions remained in every manufactures way of designing Head End Equipment...?" Regardless the now digital broadcast standards and contents ever changing format, new products are still offered by tailor made hardware. Yes, a costume is nice at sight, but soon to be outdated, money down the drain...
So we decided a different approach - A PC/Linux Server Based Head End concept; our processing Software on Standard hardware, ever upgradable! Taking advantage of modern 64bit CPU's media processing power and use standardized PC hardware's. We named our project MediaRepack "MRP", soon the design concept was set and we started to work on the most Scalable, Powerful and Long Term HeadEnd system. Ever since first MRP version put on market 2011 we have proved we did right - with our Customers references. The best thing is hearing a customer's WOW!
Today MRP Head End's makes magic's 24/7 as the most modern systems out there! But we do not lay back just because, there is always room for improvements and that is also the best thing with the MRP system, it can stay forever in an evolutionary way. Like a PC Operating system the MRP owner may over time request discounted version upgrades to get new features, generally still on same hardware's. This is not possible over time with any of the traditional Head End Manufactures.

So, if you are in a Head End project, or have any questions don't hesitate contact us!

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Phone: +46-470-55 22 00
e-mail: info@bitsend.se 

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