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Great news! Multi Transponder Decryption "MTD"
Publiced: 2016-06-01

We are happy to announce the release of MRP 2.2 - A milestone including many new features, especially MTD that makes decryption 100% flexible, as you now may route contents from several received transponders/Mux'es to any CA-Module.


This means you can always use the maximum capacity of each CA-Module. I.e. you may put 8 programs from 8 satellite transponders into one 8-Services CA-Module! That would til now demand 8pcs of CA-Modules in 8pcs of CI-Slots.

By MTD/v. 2.2 features you win in many levels, lower cost on HeadEnd hardware, lower cost in programcards to the Operator, more space in the MRP-Chassis for other equipments, etc.

MRP-Suite licens upgrade to v. 2.2.x is free for 2.1.x systems and those with service agreement.

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