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HDMI input x 4 to h.264 FHD HW accelerated Encoder
Publiced: 2021-07-28

Today we announce support for a 4-HDMI input h.264 Encoder using a single MRP expansion slot.Of course you may combine with i.e. other inputs DVB-S/T/C or IP-streams.   


It fits any of our MRP HeadEnd Chassis of course, especially as it is HW-accelerated it does not consume much CPU resources.


Not only the low price vs. performance and technology, by MRP you get a superstable turn key solution to any numbers of clients.


Output signal may be any of our supported types i.e. DVB-C/T/S or/and IP-Multicast or Unicast. SPTS or/and MPTS.



Please contact us for further info.

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