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High Density QAM (DVB-C) Modulator Series!
Publiced: 2016-12-28

We can now offer up to 24 QAM Channels similar to 1200 Mbit/s total bandwidth in a single expansion slot. It fits any of our MRP HeadEnd Chassis.


24 QAM channels in that size is an almost unbelievable achievement, especially with the low price in mind. 1200 Mbit/s translated into TV channels is 480 MPEG4 SDTV Channels. or 80 MPEG4 HDTV Channels, from one Module!


Not only low in price, it also frees up Expansion slots in your MRP Chassis for other equipments like Tuner inputs, CI slots, Enoding Inputs, etc.


Please contact us for more info! 

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Phone: +46-470-55 22 00
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